Thanksgiving Foyer Table

Happy Monday! I was lucky enough to have a much needed three day weekend. I managed to spend time with friends, do some crafting and veg in front of the TV with the hubby. With Thanksgiving right around the corner I figured it was probably about time to decorate my foyer table. I already had a few ideas that I wanted to try from Pinterest, but I needed to take a quick trip to Michael’s for some supplies and as luck would have it there was an awesome coupon this weekend! I grabbed some florals from there and then headed to the Dollar Tree. I was happy to find some felt leaves and glassware. Now all I needed to do was put it all together.

The first thing I worked on was our Thankful Tree, I got the idea from Simply VintageGirl. It was super easy to do, I added some potpourri to the vase, arranged the stems, used a seal punch on some scrap pieces of paper, wrote our items on them and then used a hole punch to be able to hang them from the stems. I even punched a few extras to leave on the table to add items if we felt inspired.

Thankful Tree


The second thing I found at My Heart’s Desire, while I didn’t add a candle I still liked the look of the layers in the vase and thought it would help bring some color to the table. First I put a glass upside down into the vase to “fill” some space. Then I poured some pinto beans at the bottom, some popcorn kernels in the middle and topped it off with great northern beans. It sits nicely behind the frame that will eventually have the menu for Thanksgiving dinner.

Fall Decor

Then I used the felt leaves that I got from the Dollar Tree to create garland to hang above the table. I used some brown embroidery floss to thread them all together. The leaves all had lines drawn on them which made it very easy to “mask” the thread. There were just enough leaves in two bags to make a perfect length of garland.

Felt Leaf Garland

To finish off the table I added a Happy Harvest premade decoration that I got on sale at Michael’s, printable Thanksgiving subway art from Eighteen25 and a dish of potpourri with a cute little pumpkin. Not too shabby for a few hours of work, including shopping!

Fall Subway Art from Eighteen25
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